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Anonymous said: What do I, as a guy, get out of supporting feminism?


From one guy to another:

  • That cute women you want to chat up won’t have to think of you as Schrodinger’s Rapist
  • Men who are victims of sexual assault and rape won’t need to hide it and let it go unreported lest they be thought of as girly (“girly” will no longer be an insult toward to men)
  • Men won’t have to wonder if they’re rapists or not because they will have an intimate understanding of what consent is and how it works
  • Men will not have to wonder if they got a job/raise/bonus/etc because they’re actually the best candidate or did a really good job, as vs. because of male privilege
  • Men will have a much greater ability to be stay-at-home fathers because their wives can match their earning potential, and the stigma on doing so will be greatly reduced
  • In fact, all of the things we now consider feminine will be available to men who want to engage in them, without any stigma attached
  • Men will have a better chance of obtaining partial or full child custody because it won’t be assumed that women are inherently maternal

This is just what I thought of off the top of my head. Followers, what else would you add?

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failuremanure said: Y is da kitty in a box? Just curious.


She put herself in there! She can come out any time.

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Imagine this:
Wendy Darling becomes a pilot as soon as she comes of age,
because she was always going to find a way to fly,
and night after night sitting by the windowsill never got her anywhere
other than the ground.
When told of her curse, Sleeping Beauty goes in search of a spindle.

Imagine this:
Instead of mounting the land with her feet full of needles, Ariel watches as her lover slides into the ocean with his legs blurring into scales.
One night, Belle finds herself growing a set of fangs and a coat of shaggy fur to match her Beast’s, and finds that she prefers jagged claws to blunt fingernails.

Imagine this:
Susan Pevensie is not shunted from her kingdom
because she learned to use the only weapons she had at hand,
forfeiting her bow and arrow for red-lined lips and slick nylons.
After her feathers bloom like they do every night, Odette goes to find the sorcerer
and plunges her beak into each of his eyes.

Imagine this:
True love’s kiss is sitting quietly in the middle of their priorities.
If they find themselves locked in a castle, they break down the walls.
Give me princesses in tattered chainmail or ripped dresses
or both
or neither.
Give me princesses who ride around, slaying dragons
or mounting them and claiming the sky.

Imagine this:
When they are placed up in a tower and told to wait for their hero,
our princesses take their fate by the guts
slide their thighs around the neck of their thrashing dragon
and take to the stars.

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Anonymous said: Shakespeare was queer? I thought he only had affairs with ladies. What dudes did he get it on with?



so remember those sonnets, you know, about one hundred and twenty-six of them, the whole thing about “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day”

written to a hot male earl, dude

in 1640 some asshole named john literally had to change all the pronouns in those 126 sonnets because they were super fuckin queer and he was not comfy with how super fuckin queer they were

also, like, casual elizabethan bisexuality? christopher “they who love not tobacco and boys are fools” marlowe? the venetian “tit bridge”, where prostitutes were commanded by official decree to stand around topless to entice men who were bangin’ too many dudes, because there were so many gay men it was becoming a legitimate social problem?

welcome to the wonderful world of “literally everyone in the past was queer”, friend, enjoy your stay

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but have you seen girls? have you seen boys? have you seen nonbinary people? have you seen how cute they all are?

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internet friends are kinda like illegally downloaded friends. you don’t get the physical copy but you still get all the great content

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